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W5SWL's Old Catalogs and Magazines

Amateur Radio and Electronics Catalog Cover Pictures

Heath Heathkit Catalogs   Burstein Applebee Catalogs
World Radio Labs Catalogs   Lafayette Radio Electronics Catalogs
Allied Radio Catalogs   Swan Catalogs
Trigger Electronics Catalogs   Johnson Viking Catalogs
Harrison Radio Catalogs   Olson Catalogs
Philco Catalogs   J.H. Bunnell And Company Wireless Catalogs
W.G. Nagel Electric Company Catalogs   Radiolectric Shop Company Catalogs
Hallicrafters Company Catalogs    
The above catalogs are presented here for historic purposes. If you want to learn amateur radio history or equipment, old catalogs will yield great amounts of information. I have 100s more to put on, but it will take some time. Sorry none of these catalog are for sale. I don't have time anymore for research, so the information you see is all I can tell you.

Amateur Radio, Short wave and Electronics Magazines Cover Pictures

GE Ham News Magazine   Ham and Broadcast Radio Call Books
Radio News   Radio News and Short Wave Radio Magazine
Short Wave Craft Magazine   Radio Craft Magazine
Radio Manufacturer's Monthly Magazine   Popular Electronics Magazine
Radio and Television News Magazine   Radio Electronics Magazine
Radio Amateur News Magazine   Electronics World Magazine
Television News Magazine   Radio World Magazine
Radio Bargain News Magazine    
Vintage magazines expose a way of life that is different from today. The readers of these magazines were builders and experimenters. Probably because that was the only way to do things we take for granted. My grandfather used to tell me for hours on end how he wound his own coils, made his own capacitors, etc when he was a teenager. The study of the these old magazines are a education that is hard to get today. None of these are for sale, your welcome to enjoy looking at the pics, but I don't have time to research articles or issues.

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