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Servo Motor / Receiver Tester & Pulse Generator

Satellite TV TVRO Servo Motor Tester - Receiver Pulse Tester - LNB Power Tester

Need to test servo motors. Measure the pulse from a receiver? Save loads of time with this pulse generator and tester. If you are a experienced satellite buff or a dealer doing installs or repairs, this tester will save you time and effort.

This unit will accurately test a receiver for pulse width, servo power and LNB power. Need to perform a cable test, you can do that also by hooking the unit up at the dish. You can determine if wire sizing is appropriate for the distance and servo functions and that LNB power is suitable.

Connect the servo directly to the tester and check for proper operation of the servo motor. Know where vertical and horizontal positions are by using the pulse generator and checking for physical position of the probe. Check servo movement for binding and dragging.

We bought out all the remaining stock on these testers that were available. Because we bought out the entire inventory, the manufacturer offers no further warranty on these testers. What we will do is fully test each one prior to shipping, and we will even leave in the 4 AA batteries that the tester takes. We guarantee that you get a fully operation unit when it arrives in your hands.

Want one ? Better hurry, we don't have very many left ! There won't be any more after this.

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