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Satellite Dual Feed with DSS C Ku Band

C Band Ku Band DSS Dual Satellite Feed Horn for Satellite TVRO Systems

Dual C & Ku band Feedhorn featuring a adjustable scaler ring. This is a high performance Electronic feedhorn with a dual hybrid mode for TI rejection. Built in 90 degree elbows. The focal distance is adjustable. Has the DSS LNBF built into the scalar ring for your big dish.

The DSS LNBF is built into the scalar feed

Great C band Specs:

Excellent Ku Specs:

This feed is made in the USA and has a patented dual frequency microwave feed assembly with dual hybrid moding that helps reject "TI" interference. Gray powder coated paint and oven baked to 400 deg F. Precision probe design.Thermal insulator between feed and servo motor helps eliminate motor freeze-up in cold weather and overheating in hot weather. The motor pad is raised to help prevent water from entering the feed.

Feed mounting holes are 1/4". Two sets of 3 hole patterns and two sets of 4 hole patterns on a 5.75" B.C.

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