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Westland Sea King Mk 41 Helicopter

Westland Sea King Helo

The Westland Sea King is a Sikorsky SH-3D built under license and a modified version was originally developed as an anti-submarine helicopter for the Royal Navy. In 1972 Naval Air Squadron 5 in Kiel Holtenau received the first Mk 41 version of the rescue helicopter. The main task of this unit is to provide support for the emergency sea rescue services (SAR) off the German North Sea and Baltic coasts and for missions of their own and associated forces. Take off weight of 9500 kg and a cruse speed of 208 Km/h

Made by Revell, this kit is scale 1:72. New tool with flush metal joints and rivits engraved in relief. Detailed cockpit with instrument panel and detailed inside and cargo compartment with seats and navigators cabin. Sliding door has optional positions. 2 convex observation windows and detailed landing gear. Movable main and tail rotors with detailed rotor head. Radomes in nose and fuselage and various aerials and sensors. Super decvals for several versions of the aircraft.

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