Pansat MicroTek KR-600 Analog Satellite C band Ku Band Receiver for TVRO TV
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Pansat MicroTek KR-600 Analog C & Ku Band Satellite Receiver


Pansat MicroTek KR-600 Satellite TVRO Receiver

Works great for analog signals !

The Pansat MicroTek KR-600 is a exceptional analog satellite receiver. It works great and has 32 C Band channels and 32 Ku Band channels. Each channel can be programmed individually for IF frequencies between 950-2150 MHz and other information can be programmed on a per channel basis. NOT BAD ! Having a video scan function and a audio tuning range of 5.00 to 8.00 MHz, this unit makes a great spotter for both C & Ku band signals. Complete with a remote control and polarizer connections.

Note: The Pansat name has been dropped from the receiver, everywhere you see the name Pansat it nows says the name MicroTek. All else remains the same.

Need a system with Dish, LNB and Coax? Click  System

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We carry only the best receivers, those that we know perform day in and day out without fail. We test each receiver, computer cards excepted, for actual satellite signal reception before shipping your receiver. You can be assured that your receiver works properly when it ships from our store.

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