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Scale Plastic Model Helicopter Kits

1/144 1/72 1/72 1/72 1/48 Other Scales
Mi-28 HOVOC Augusta A-109 Whirlwind Mangusta Huey Hog AH-6J
HH-53C UH-1H UH-60A Army UH-34D MH-6 Attack Bell H-13H
Mi-24 Hind Bell 412 SH-60B RAH-66 500D CHP EC-135 Eurocopter
CH-53 G CH-47D Chinook UH-1H CH-53E PAH-2 Tiger Alouette III
Chinook HC.1 H-21C Vertol Night Hawk AS-332 Puma OH-13S Sioux Auto Gyro
Kamov KA-50 H-34G AH-64A ACH-47 OH-13 CG Hughes 500D
SA-330 Puma Bell 212 CH-113 H-21C Gunship MH-60G Special Highes 500MD
Mi-24 F Lynx SH-60B H-21C Shawnee UH-60L ARMY MH-60G Pave
  Augusta A-109 H-21 Workhorse V-22 Osprey MH-60K Special Huey Gunship
  Sea King Bell AH-1T MH-53E R4-B AH-64A
  H-19 A UH-1B AS-532 Puma MH-60G Pave AH-64D
  AH-64A OH-58D MH-53J AH-1Z Viper MD-530G
Sea King OH-58A H-19B UH-1D Slick  
Kamen SH-2F OH-6A UH-1N RAH-66 Bell 47D
Rotodyne Bell 47 AH-64 R5/HO3S-1 OH-58D
Jolly Green OH-13S KA-52 Alligator Flettner Bell HTL-4
Bristol 192 UH-1C Jolly Green UH-60L
CH-146 UH-19 A Hiller UH-12
HU-5 Wessex Piasecki HUP-2 Bell 47 D/G
AB-204 B Alouette II R-22 Robinson
HH-60 H TH-55A Osage KA-50 Kamov
KA-27 Hunter Navy Lynx CH-47 Chinook
UH-60A AH-64A AH-1S Cobra
AH-64 Longbow MH-60G Pave Westland Scout
Comanche S51-HO3S-1 HUP-2 Pia
Super Frelon MH-47E SOA EH-101 Merlin
Autogryo SA-341 Gazelle SH-60J
AH-64A IDF CH-54A Skycrane AH-64
Seahawk Hoplite EH-60A
Vertol AH-64D AH-64A
WAH-64 AH-64 BlackGhost
Dave's Web Shop Dave loves to fly real helicopters. One day he wanted to buy a model of his favorite helicopter and began searching on the web. It soon dawned on Dave there really was not anyone specializing in large selections of scale plastic model helicopter kits. Dave decided that since no one else had them, he should offer them to help those that love helicopters. Hope you enjoy these as much as Dave does, let us know if you have something special you are looking for as we are always adding more models to our large inventory.

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Satellite Models Collectibles
  • C Band Satellite LNB & LNBF
  • 15 degree 17 degree LNB
  • .5 LNB .6 LNB
  • Quad and Dual Ku LNB
  • Ku Band Satellite LNB & LNBF
  • Astrotel
  • Servo Satellite feed horn assemblies
  • Dual Feeds
  • Fixed polarization feeds
  • MPEG-2 Free to Air ( FTA ) receivers
  • DMT-1050 & DMT-2050 dvb receivers
  • Satellite signal finder meters
  • Multiswitches & 22 KHz devices
  • Pansat 300 300a series
  • Coship 3188a series
  • BEC DB-6600 6600+ series
  • Pansat 2100 2100a series
  • Pansat KR-600 Series
  • Pro Brand and Eagle Aspen
  • HARL3018 actuators
  • ZARL3018 actuators
  • QARL3024 actuators
  • VBRL3024 actuators
  • Signal finder
  • DiSEqc Switchers
  • Splitters & Diplexors
  • Test equipment & tools
  • Grounding & surge protection
  • Satellite Dishes
  • DSS LNBF and Dual LNB
  • VideoCipher VCRS modules
  • Helicopter and Airplane Models
  • Revell
  • AirFix
  • Hasegawa
  • Hobby Craft
  • Italeri
  • Special Hobby
  • MiniCraft
  • Dragon
  • Heller
  • Academy
  • Pavla
  • PolarLights
  • Amodel
  • Sword
  • Trumpter
  • Star trek
  • Corgi
  • Tom Swift
  • Gi Joe
  • Barbie
  • Matchbox
  • Hot Wheels
  • Johnny Lightning
  • ...and more !

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