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  1. Why do you only carry certain receivers?

  1. Why do you only carry certain receivers?

    We test every brand and type receiver that we carry and those that do not meet our expectations are not offered. For example, we run receivers here on a 24/7 basis in our racks for our headend on the cable. They get hot, are subjected to lightning and static issues and are subjected to power fluctuations (during their test). Many receivers will exhibit lockup issues, loose memory and require rebooting them to function over time. We find that is unacceptable for us and for you. In short, if it gives us trouble, it is very likely to give you trouble also.

    We also take into account the manufacturer's or distributor's ability to fix problems once they occur. We find some distributors simply lacking in the technical department. We don't like to get double talk when we know a unit has certain problems and the distributor's service person can't think outside the plug and play aspect. In short, if they cannot think past the end of their nose and diagnose a problem, or if they can't ackknowledge a problem they have been told about, then we have no use for that kind of stuff.


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