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BirDog Satellite Signal Locator

BirDog Satellite Signal Locator

With Digital Date Stream Identifier ( DDSI )

  • Find the 2-Way BroadBand Satellite FAST !
  • A perfect companion for your laptop for satellite broadband
  • Save time and Money doing installs
  • Easy fast operation - Select satellite from menu
  • Move dish until Birddog says Found
  • Indicated raw signal level and digital data error rates at same time for optimal dish alignment
  • Fast cross polarization adjustments
  • 32 satellite locations can be installed in memory
  • No charges for non default satellite location downloads
  • Comes with carry case, AC cord, Auto Charger Cord and computer cable
  • Internal battery powers the LNBF
  • Lightweight - only 2 lbs light !
  • Small size for ease of handling - 7x2.75x5 inches
  • Charges from AC or auto cord

Your life will never be easier now that they Birdog Satellite Signal Locator! This item is special order only.

As in all installation tools, this item is not returnable once shipped.

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