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James Bond AutoGyro Helicopter

"I want Little Nellie. Most Urgent!" This was James Bond's signal to the London Head Quarters of the British Secret Service 'Q' Branch. In this "You Only Live Twice" Agent 007 is in Japan on the trail of Spectre, the international crime syndicate bend on world domination. They have brought Russia and America to the brink of nuclear war by capturing their space capsules whilst in orbit around the Earth. Each country believes that the other is to blame and tension is running very high, when a tracking station reports that the lastest U.S. capsule has not come down in Russia but Japan. 007 is urgently dispatch to Tokoyo to try to find out who is launching the interceptor rockets. He suspects that the evil Spectre must be operating in the volcanic mountain region of the Southern Japan, and "Little Nellie" is just what is needed for reconnaissance in this area. The tiny auto-gyro with all it deadly weapons arrives in 4 large suitcases. While circling a volcano crater, Bond is attacked by 4 heavily armed Spectre helicopters and in the big action scene tht follows 'Little Nellie' with its amazing maneuverability out flies and destroys the less agile helicopters.

Made by Airfix, this kit is scale 1:24. Get one while they last!

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