Ku Offset Satellite Dish
Winegard DS2076 76cm dish

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Satellite TV & TVRO 76cm Offset Ku Band Dish Antennas

76cm dish for your satellite system. Designed for linear feeds using a 40mm throat diameter. Offset dish design includes the mounting pipe and all hardware. Easy to assemble and quick to set up. Shipped via Fed Ex Ground Service. If shipped to Alaska or Hawaii extra shipping charges will apply, please inquire. No shipments outside the states.

LNB not included with dish, don't forget to order one if you need one. This dish works great with our  Single LNB, or if you have two receivers, use our  Dual Receiver LNB. Designed specifically for linear signals such as T5 channels.

Nice low profile...Winegard 76cm is the lower dish, see how much nicer it is !

Set up is easy, even includes the mount like those on the DSS dishes.

Easy to use instructions, all you need to rapidily set this dish up. Use our  T5 Aim Chart to help you

    Specifications :
  • Focal Length 44.6cm (17.56in)
  • F/D Ratio .59
  • Efficiency 73 %
  • Antenna height 34.3in
  • Antenna width 31.5in
  • Offset angle 24 degree
  • Surface accuracy .016 to .020 inches average
  • Comes with UNIVERSAL clamp mount for LNBF
  • Beamwidth at -3dB 2.4 degrees
  • Beamwidth at -10 dB 4.0 degrees
  • Reflector material is galvanized steel 20ga
  • Gain at 11.2 GHz 37.6 dB
  • Gain at 12.1 GHz 38.3 dB
  • Gain at 12.6 GHz 38.7 dB

The Winegard DS2076 76cm dish is a tough dish and easy to assemble.

The LNB mounts in this secure holder, it is clamped with the top half (not shown)

Another rear view of the Winegard DS2076 76cm Dish

Another pic of the Winegard DS-2076 dish on the bottom

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