Astrotel 15 Degree C Band Satellite Tv TVRO LNB
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High Quality 15 Degree C Band Digital Ready LNB

Astrotel 15 Degree Digital Ready Satellite TVRO LNB

The small design of the Gold Label Series allows for better fit into cramped feed horn covers.

Mini waveguide for better fit and lower loss! The output fitting is plated to insure long lasting power and signal connections.

The probe is heavy duty and broad band for long lasting results.

The Precision Gold Label Series is Digital ready - a super performer.

Here is a great LNB that is a super cool 15 degrees. If your trying to get rid of sparkles or just upgrading the ole dish, this LNB will do the job for you. Works great for the older analog systems or the new digital systems. Mini design of the LNB allows for fitting into tight spots and the short waveguide eliminates unwanted signal losses. Includes the gasket, coax seal and flange bolts.

Excellent specs for Analog, MPEG-2, or 4DTV C Band Systems:

We have been selling satellite equipment since 1981 and are so pleased with this brand of equipment we use it on all our C-Band dishes. We are so confident in this equipment that we give you a no hassle exchange warranty for a full 3 years. Buy with confidence and buy the best!

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