10ft C Band Ku Band Satellite Dish
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10ft C Band Ku Band Satellite Dish

10ft ( 3 meter ) C Band Ku Band Satellite Dish

This is a great dish antenna that gives both C-Band and Ku Band a quality signal. We have A Sami Dish here on the farm that took two inch hail for several minutes. The hail beat just about everything around into parts and pieces, but the Sami took it in stride with minor dings and dents. Some of our other dishes didn't fair so well, and some of those were a lot more costly. The Sami put those to shame, and is still running in the shape the hail left it in.  Nuff said - Were convinced!

Great C Band Ku Band Satellite Dish specifications provided from SAMI:

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Dishes come ready to accept a actuator or dish mover arm. If you are not going to use a mover arm, then you will need to also order a  Lock Down Bar  from our C Band Dish Parts Page.

How To Order A C / Ku Band Dish Antenna from Dave's

We offer competitive pricing on Big Dishes and will give you a custom shipping quote to your location. We will also ask you some questions on what you need and sizing of pipe mounts.

You must email us for a quote on these dishes, we do not quote over the phone.

Orders for Big Dishes are considered special orders and must be prepaid by secure funds such as Postal Money Orders, Western Union or Wire Transfers. Due to the complexity, shipping charges involved, and other special order circumstances, we do not accept credit cards for Big Dish orders. Shipping quotes are valid only as long as freight charges do not change from the time of the quote. All orders for Big Dishes are considered final once paid and dishes cannot be returned.

You will need to supply the ground pole which is not included

A 6ft Dish on a special custom made mount for a customer's driveway

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